Pasadena’s Best Solution to Personalized Payroll Services

Figueroa & Co. is proud to provide Pasadena’s best solution to personalized payroll services. These days, many of us who run companies like to spend more time assessing and planning our company’s future and do not really want to spend the time settling disputes with staff over pay or even discussing pay issues with our in house pay staff. Many companies as a result have contracted out their payrolls to those who have accumulated years of experience in the field.

There are benefits to companies when they use payroll services personalized to suit their requirements. Most of all it means there is no need for them to allocate sufficient time on their premises to do the job. The rest of the staff can focus more on profits and revenues instead of issuing paychecks and working out taxes.

This is exactly what we at Figueroa & Co. do best – a payroll service that is tailored to your particular requirements.

Payroll Requirements are Forever Changing

There are a number of often changing factors that businesses have to follow if they are in control of their own payroll. These include

• Tax laws constantly being reviewed.
• Complicated reporting procedures.
• Payroll compliance issues.

All these are relieved from businesses once they contract out the job to a specialized company.

Fully Comprehensive Service

Most payroll services are able to support a broad range of pay types, plus pay schedules. This also includes the printing of checks, direct depositing, filing of taxes and absolute compliance to all known rules and regulations.

Most payroll companies are highly computerized so they keep their clients informed automatically of, for example, any dates for the payment of tax and any compliance reports. Payroll reports are issued frequently so that the information can be analyzed in a timely manner in relation to business efficiency. If you require it you can also get completely personalized professional help and advice on anything to do with payroll issues.

How does payroll outsourcing work?

Most payroll services have different ways of operating, but there are some common features.  First of all there are the components of payroll processing and that is the gathering of information related to number of hours worked and the computerizing of all the employees names and contact details, tax information and bank details. All payroll processing companies need this so that they can write checks, transfer funds into employee accounts, and when the year comes to an end, provide the necessary W-2 forms.

Most payroll processing companies will normally request that the businesses that they service set up an account so that automated transactions and deposits can be done with ease. This account permits the payroll company the chance to gain access to cash for the paying of employees, the withholding of taxes, and for paying out the required amounts to federal and state tax authorities.  The setting up of these accounts is normally fast and simple.  Payroll companies will also require employee information, which would include their social security numbers, their employment forms and their banking details, if direct depositing is to be the method of payment.

After this information has been collected by the payroll company they must establish a procedure for gathering and recording employee pay data which will include number of working hours, pay for sickness and vacations and information about relevant savings plan.  Many payroll companies possess websites so that all this information can be securely entered with ease.  Employees can normally access their own accounts online with the option of making alterations to accounts such as Medical Saving’s Accounts and IRAs. The majority of companies have a process they use for inputting hours online. You must collect this data a few days before the actual payday. You must make sure you know what procedures you wish to use before you choose a company.

Once you have selected a company that suits your business practices and you have provided all the information that they require and installed the method you intend to use for communicating then the service is ready to use.  Some payroll companies permit a trial period before the contract is signed and sealed and others will conduct test transactions in order to ensure that the money has been transferred satisfactorily before pay day arrives.

Many payroll companies will require that you keep money in reserve so that taxes can be paid and the employees can be paid without a hitch.  Each company acts differently but many levy a fee for each transaction, for every check, and for every deposit. These sorts of fees will be withdrawn from your account in the same way that your employee payments are made.