Figueroa and Company provides personalized financial and taxation advice and services that are second to none in Pasadena. We are passionate about what we do and are proud to have been able to help our clients grow and prosper, whether they are individuals or organizations.

A professional financial service provider needs to do more than just balance the books, summarize a business’s transactions and analyze financial results. It needs to provide a service which is tailored to the individual or business needs and provide sound advice and expertise to allow them to develop and expand.

Figueroa & Co provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Figueroa & Co , we strive to meet each client’s specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment. Our professional services include:

  • Bookkeeping Services    
  • Management Services    
  • In-house Notary Services    Other Services
  • Tax Services
  • Compile Financial Statements
  • Other Services

Bookkeeping Services

As professionals who provide financial and tax services, Figueroa and Company will gladly work together with other firms and individuals in order to help you meet any challenge.

  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Post earnings records
  • Prepare payroll and sales tax returns
  • Prepare W-2 forms
  • Prepare 1099 forms
  • Record journals

Tax Services

  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Federal income tax return
  • State franchise report
  • State and local tax returns
  • Corporate Tax planning and consultations
  • S corporation elections
  • Property tax returns
  • Estate taxes
  • Enrolled Agent Assistance

Management Services

  • Computerized accounts receivable
  • Monthly billing
  • Monthly invoices

Compile Financial Statements

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Statement of changes
  • Footnotes
  • Supplementary information

  • In-house notary can travel to your site
  • Available 24/7 by appointment
  • Licensed for the State of California

In-house Notary Services

  • Management & investment consultation
  • Set up or revise systems
  • Accounting and personnel assistance
  • Real estate sales and acquisitions
  • Corporate Formation: S Corp, C Corp
  • LLC Formation
  • Living Trust

Other Services

Tax preparation


Taxation is always a topic of debate amongst governments, businesses, employees and property owners. Correctly preparing your individual tax or business tax return is one of the best ways you can help your personal finances or your business and we at Figueroa & Co know how to assist you to prepare your tax to your advantage. Many of us who are owners and operators of businesses may not be completely sure of tax entitlements, especially as business taxation is continually under review. We are always up to date and can advise you of your situation.

Our extensive taxation services include:

  • Federal income tax returns
  • State franchise report
  • State and local tax returns
  • Tax planning and consultations
  • S corporation elections
  • Property tax returns
  • Estate taxes
  • Income tax return preparation

Payroll services

The way we pay our employees has altered considerably over the years. Often, the staff in the company office no longer has such an important role, but it has been outsourced to an outside specialist company. This takes the burden off the employer as all pay issues from employees are directed to this team of specialists.

If you are thinking of outsourcing your payroll, we can discuss options with you and arrange a service that suits you best. Modern payroll systems are completely computerized, so clients are kept informed automatically of issues regarding employee pay.  Payroll reports are prepared often so that the data can be evaluated quickly in relation to business efficiency. If this is what you think you need, we can provide personalized professional advice and assistance on all payroll matters.


A simple definition of a corporation is an organization or a business that has been initiated by a group of individuals, but the rights and responsibilities are separated from the individuals who are involved. It could be a non-profit organization with the aim of offering beneficial services. It might be a municipal corporation running an urban area or the most common type, a private corporation, whose business is to make profits. If you are thinking of becoming incorporated, then there are various options open to you, which depend on the size of the business and what tax options interest you. We can offer advice and valuable information on Limited Liability Companies, C corporations and S corporations. We don’t use reference books to feed you with information, but can verbally discuss and offer advice on anything that is of concern to you in a language you understand.

Living trusts

Living trusts are a tool that can be used to assist in the management and the holding of property for the duration of a person’s life and then, on their death, distributing it all. If you hold property and are thinking about its future then we can offer you advice and assistance in using a living trust as a way of solving your property concerns.

Our other specializations are bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, taxation, management, compiling financial statements, in-house notary services (licensed for California) real estate and accountancy. Our services are virtually unlimited, so if your interests are not mentioned that doesn’t mean we lack the expertise.

If you are looking for professional and personalized estate tax advice that is tailored to match your individual requirements, request a consultation below or call Figueroa & Co. in Pasadena at 626-793-4322.